We have some wonderful grade Five and Six Buddies who we enjoy spending time with. We meet regularly to complete fun activities together. These activities include literacy activities, maths games and craft. The program has an extremely positive impact on both the Prep and Grade Five and Six students.

Buddy Video by Slidely Slideshow

Billy Cart Incursion

On Wednesday the 27th of May Prep AC enthusiastically participated in a Billy Cart Incursion. Students were involved in a rotation of 4 activities; designing a billy cart, a workshop, building a billy cart and driving a billy cart. Students thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and the opportunity it provided to further their knowledge about different materials used to make objects and how objects move. billy Cart kits are available for purchasing from http://www.supremeincursions.com.au/

Special Person’s Day

On Wednesday the 11th of March we welcomed some of our friends and family members into the classroom. We took our special visitors on a tour of the school, showed them some of our work, used Auslan to sign the Rainbow Song and read our take home reading books with them.  We worked together to create a beautiful poster that is on display in the classroom. 

Thank you to all our special visitors for taking the time to come and be at Killara with us, it was a lovely treat. 


This week in Maths we are learning to identify and sequence the days of the week and months of the year. We have been using the two songs below to help develop our knowledge. We do the Macarena movements to the months of the year song.  You can help at home by practising saying the days of the week and months of year in order. 


We have been working hard on learning letter names and sounds. Sound-letter knowledge is important because it is foundational in reading and writing.  Students have to understand the relationship between sounds and letters to be able to comprehend the meaning behind words. We have been enjoying watching Alphablock episodes. The Alphablocks  are making learning how to read and spell fun. Below are two videos for you to enjoy at home.


Science Works

On Tuesday the 25th of November 1/2AC went on an excursion to Science Works. At Science Works we saw and did some wonderful things.  We visited Nitty Gritty Super City, the Think Ahead and Science of the Future Exhibitions, the Science Stage Guess Again Show and Sports Works. We had a wonderful day and learnt lots! 

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